Crochet flowers are beautiful and simple to make.

They can have a variety of uses:

  • Use it as a coaster for your drinks
  • Make multiple and use a darning needle to sew them together to make a bag
  • Turn them into granny squares for a variety of uses (e.g. a tote bag, headband, skirt)
  • Integrate them into blankets or tapestries

The possibilities are endless with these crochet flowers, and the best part is that they take less than 1 hour to make. The size of the flower can also be adjusted depending on the hook size and yarn size.

The featured image contains a crochet flower made with size 4 acrylic yarn, and a 3.75 mm hook working in the round starting with a magic ring. There are many free crochet patterns online, and a pattern that is similar to the one used to making the featured flower can be found here.

There are also many variations on the crochet flower including full size pillow patterns, to small puff stitch flowers, so choose a style that you like, and keep in mind what you are using the flower for. Be creative, have fun, and send us a picture of your creations through email or private message on our social medias so we can repost and share them!


Happy crocheting!