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Wolf Crochet is run by a team of crochet experts who have been practicing the craft for years. We want to share our tips and tricks to get your journey started, provide project inspiration, and our recommendations from our experience.

We have multiple authors contributing to our site to produce the best quality content for you. Explore our blogs to learn more about anything and everything crochet related from “how-to” articles and row by row project instructions, to recommendations for products such as our favourite yarns, hooks, and stitch markers.

Crochet is not just an individual craft, but a community activity. We hope you will join ours by subscribing to our newsletter or following us on social media to keep up to date on the very latest news and ideas, as patterns for new pieces are created every single day. Get inspired, and share your creations with us!


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Inspired by Sustainability

“Crochet is not just a hobby”

Having the ability to share my knowledge about crochet is wonderful to spread the joy of the craft. Learning all there is to know, and putting in hours of time into every piece has been the ultimate test of patience.

~ Samantha (Wolf Crochet author)


“Slowing down fast fashion is my priority”

Seeing crochet pieces sold for so little on fast fashion sites completely diminishes the amount of time and effort put into making crochet pieces. There are no crochet machines as it is so difficult to mechanically replicate it, so everything has to be handmade.

~ Emily (Wolf Crochet Author)


“Learning the art of crochet takes patience”

Crochet is an artform like any other, and takes time and patience to learn like any other craft. I spent hours on Youtube playing and replaying the same part of the video to learn one stitch. It’s not easy, but it is a rewarding craft when you see the final product and proudly say “I made this”.

~ David (Wolf Crochet Author)

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