Red Heart yarn is a great brand of yarn with the majority of their products being made of 100% acrylic worsted weight yarn. They come in many colours ranging from a true black to a pure white and every other colour of the rainbow in between. The yarn colour is very saturated, as acrylic dye is great at holding its colour even after washing. Another important note is that this yarn is machine washable and has OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification, meaning it is safe for babies after rigorous testing for any harmful substances.

The listed recommended crochet hook to be used with the size 4 yarn is 5.5 mm (US- I-9), however we have found that you can go as small as 3.75 mm if you are looking for a tighter knitted stitch. This however, is not recommended for beginners, as smaller hooks with larger yarn thicknesses can be more difficult to work with. It is crucial to ensure that you are not splitting the yarn to obtain a clean finished product, which can be difficult to do if you do not know what to watch out for while crocheting. So we recommend a 5-5.5 mm crochet hook for this yarn, and be sure to read the packaging of each skein of yarn you purchase, as they list the recommended size hook on the front.

This size of yarn is great due to its versatility, as many projects can be made with size 4 yarn and have a beautiful outcome. Of course if you are looking for a very chunky look for a crochet bag, or a finely crocheted bag charm you can size up or down your yarn, however for beginners, this yarn is easy to work with and very forgiving of mistakes.

Happy crocheting!